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The ultimate sailing adventure for those who care about our oceans. 



I N C L U S I O N S 


- Liveaboard sailing on ex-racing maxi "Condor"

-Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea & dinner 

- Snorkelling gear (mask, snorkel and wetsuit) 

- hammocks

- Bunk bed, pillow and linen 

- Guided morning yoga and meditation

- Guided snorkelling & Freediving with marine biologist 

- Beach cleans around the Whitsundays islands

- Coral bleaching research

- Breath training

- Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

- Sunset beach picnics

- Hiking and more!

whitehaven betty's beach.jpg


Enjoy the wind in your hair and salt on your skin as we sail around the pristine Whitsundays in Condor, an ex-racing maxi sailing yacht. 

This trip is focused on connecting you with the ocean, hoping to inspire and encourage you to protect it. Pro sail is some of the best sailors in the Whitsundays, so as we fill the sails with wind and sail out to some of the most magical destinations in Australia you can prepare yourself for "the moment". The moment is what we call that point in time where the engines shut off, the sun is shining down on your skin, the breeze blowing in your face as you help the crew on deck and you remember how magical the ocean is. 

We want this trip to be filled with that moment. As ocean lovers we love connecting to the ocean in as many ways possible - through out food, our hobbies, our mode of travel and the friends we meet, so this trip is tailored to immerse you in the world of sailing and snorkelling/freediving to enhance that deep love and connection you have to the ocean. 
Our goal is to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible so while we soak up the beauty of this live aboard adventure we want to give back to Mother Nature - through beach cleans, scientific research and goal setting discussions about how we each can be better, for our planet. 

whitehaven betty's beach.jpg

O C E A N  L O V E R S . 

  • Sunrise meditation and breath training 

  • Sailing around the Whitsundays 

  • Snorkel and free dive adventures (including outer reef)

  • Swim with schools of fish at Manta Ray bay 

  • Watch dolphins hunt at night at Stonehaven 

  • Sunset picnic on Langford Island

  • Beach cleans on tropical islands 

  • Scientific research on coral reefs 

  • Yoga on tropical island

  • Hike hill inlet & explore Whitehaven beach 

  • Heaps of fresh, yummy food 

  • Sleep under the milky way on a hammock 

Ocean Lovers Expedition
27 May, 10:00 am
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