Clear Tide Expeditions combines our passion for ocean conservation with our love for travel, adventure and amazing ocean experiences. Come with us as we explore the unique beauty of the ocean in a range of beautiful environments around the world. Spend your days fully immersed in the ocean through Freediving, sailing and surfing then wind down with some yoga and a family dinner watching the sunset. Help us host community beach cleans, present school talks and attend workshops on ocean conservation and reducing plastic usage in everyday living. Swim with seals, dive with whales, or surf with dolphins, every destination has its own unique experiences to offer from underwater magic to beautiful beaches. These trips are designed to ignite your love and connection to the ocean and inspire you to protect and conserve this beautiful part of our world. We have chosen some of the most beautiful destinations we know, rich with marine wildlife to ensure you are completely and utterly breath taken by the beauty of the ocean and the amazing animals that call it home. 


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