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 E X P E D I T I O N S .



Showing people the magic and beauty of the ocean is the most influential way to inspire others to protect our environment. So we've combined our love of the ocean, conservation and travelling to create a range of eco-expeditions based around ocean conservation. We travel to some of the most beautiful coastal areas, conduct beach cleans, assist with local research and educate the local community on how they can protect their unique ocean ecosystem. All while we enjoy the beauty of the ocean ourselves through some breathtaking ocean experiences, creating memories that will last a lifetime.  


These trips are designed to ignite your love and connection to the ocean and inspire you to protect and conserve this beautiful part of our world all whilst doing good things for our environment  We have chosen some of the most beautiful destinations we know, rich with marine wildlife to ensure you are completely and utterly breath taken by the beauty of the ocean and the amazing animals that call it home. 

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PROSAIL X Ocean Lovers Expedition

May 2023

Wind in the sails, salty hair and sun kissed skin. This ones for the ocean lovers and adventurers. Sail the pristine islands of Whitsundays, dive the breathtaking outer reef, watch the sunset on white sandy beaches and truly immerse yourself in the dream that is living on the ocean, eating fresh fruit and fish straight from the sea - this trip is all about connecting to the ocean and doing what we can to protect it.


From beach cleans to science work this trip focuses on being as environmentally friendly as possible and hopefully encourages & inspires all of us to live a "greener" lifestyle. 


Hawaiian Islands

"one with nature" expedition


Coming soon...

Sail a luxury catamaran between the picturesque Hawaiian Islands. 

This trip is focused on sailing and living off the land, reducing our waste and our carbon foot print. 

Dive with turtles, surf perfect waves and clean up the beaches of Hawaii as we go. Learn about sustainable living and how we can better reduce our impact on the precious ocean. Learn to sail, through the highs and the lows and improve your Freediving with morning meditiation and breath training so you can immerse yourself in the underwater world. 

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