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To sum it up: We love the ocean.

We want to share our love and passion to the ocean to as many people as possible. We want to encourage growth and understanding of the problems face by out oceans and work together to protect it. We believe the best way to inspire this is through connection to the ocean: magical moments, memories and breathtaking experiences. 

From beach cleans to school talks, our mission is to inspire the a community that cares for our planet, through education and understanding to inspire changed mindsets and behaviours. 




  Marine biologist, Captain, Freediver, Sailor


Full time ocean lover, Jess has always had a strong passion for the ocean. While operating as a snorkel guide in Sydney she graduated as a marine biologist in 2017 before moving to Oahu, Hawaii for 2 years where she spent all of her days on the ocean and eventually learnt to sail and her dream of showing people the beauty of the ocean flourished. Returning to Australia, Jess captains and works on a range of boats in both Sydney and the Whitsundays and has sailed around a some of the most magical and pristine reefs in the Coral Sea. 


Her passion is showing people the beauty of the ocean,

and inspiring them to protect it through creating a deep connection and love for Mother Nature

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What We Do


community of like minded individuals doing our part to clean up the ocean and beaches. 
Join us for a beach clean, underwater dive clean or even host your own beach clean with our help! 

Email us information on how to host your own clean up! 

School Talks

Educating and inspiring the youth about all this ocean conservation. 

Marine biologist and ocean lover Jess presents to kids of all ages about all things marine science, ocean conservation and what life is like being a part time sailor / part time mermaid. 

Contact us to have us come visit your school! 


Immerse yourself in the ocean and truly be one with the sea. 
Join us on the conservastionist adventure of a life time filled with sailing, Freediving, surfing and magical animal encounters. Our trips are designed to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible cleaning beaches and giving back to our planet as much as we can! 


Ocean conservation isn't just for the scientists ! We want to inspire the community to increase their knowledge and education on all things marine life, conservation and plastic free living! 

Our platform is focused on inspiring a deeper understanding of our beautiful 
underwater world. 

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