With our amazing group of dedicated volunteers, we run beach cleans where ever we can. Collecting debris along the shoreline and preventing it from entering our pristine oceans is the most eye opening way to realise the problem of plastic pollution.


We can also assist with  individual hosting of a beach clean in your local town so contact us and get your friends and family involved!

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Showing people the magic and beauty of the ocean is the most influential way to inspire others to protect our environment. So we've combined our love of the ocean, conservation and travelling to create a range of eco-expeditions based around ocean conservation. We travel to some of the most beautiful coastal areas, conduct beach cleans, assist with local research and educate the local community on how they can protect their unique ocean ecosystem. All while we enjoy the beauty of the ocean ourselves through some breathtaking ocean experiences.  


From school talks to educational movie screenings we love to share our knowledge of the problems faced by our oceans and help educate and inspire people on how they can make a lifestyle change to help protect our oceans. 

Contact us directly if you would like to inquire about our community outreach program.