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Ziggy Alberts x Clear Tides

We had the amazing opportunity to partner with Australian singer/songwriter Ziggy Alberts for a special beach clean this Sunday in the midst of him completing his 'Laps around the sun' tour!

After being long time fans of his music and conservation mindset, we were so stoked when an email from him popped up on our phones.

We had an incredible team of volunteers that came down to Shelly Beach and helped collect over 12 massive tubs of rubbish and waste, that would have otherwise ended up in our ocean. Just to name some of our finds :

  • 1 small bucket of cigarette butts

  • 1 big tub of glass bottles

  • 1 big tub of soft plastics

  • Numerous clothing items

  • 1 small bucket of bottle caps

  • 1 big tub of hard plastics

* We will be doing a full count of items and posting them on here *

It was so great to have Ziggy there helping us to raise awareness and show people that they need to be mindful in what you bring and leave when you come to the beach (and everywhere else!). We were pleased to see how passionate he was about micro plastics - as this is an issue that many people overlook or may not know that much about. Micro plastics can be found due to the breaking up of larger products. These 'micro' particles of waste reduce to such small sizes, that fish and marine animals end up digesting. We in turn then consume this seafood and end up having micro plastics going into our bellies.

A MASSIVE thank you to our lovely sponsors for donating their products for our raffle draw. These were some of the best prizes we have given away, as they are not only great products, but also because they provided eco friendly alternatives. Check out these amazing companies below !

These guys are honestly worth checking out! Between them you can have a fully sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing any of your everyday products that you love. Compostable zip lock bags, reusable bread bags, eco friendly washing detergent, reusable coffee cups.. the list goes on!

Special mentions to Kellen Bush for photography throughout the day. Check out some of his work here Thank you also to Kira, Steph, Felicitas and her husband for being our awesome volunteer workers for the day.

To our OG volunteers ; Hannah Stewart, Emma Moran and Amanda Eldridge - thank you for your continuous support, we appreciate it always and love you all.

The Dream Team.

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